Behavior Management Plan

The positive discipline of children at Over the Rainbow is designed to increase children's understanding, improve their internal controls and to use language as a problem solving strategy.

Expectations for children's behavior will be based on developmental norms and will allow for individual differences. The children in each classroom will design a list of acceptable ways to act in the classroom and on the playgrounds. If these "rules" are not followed, the consequences offered by the children will take effect. The teacher is always the facilitator and will have the final decision.

In resolving conflicts between children, teachers will assist to verbalize their needs and feelings. Teachers will not provide or impose solutions, but will help the children to devise their own words to describe their needs and feelings.

Strategies for classroom behavior management will include:

  • -Distraction     -Redirection    -Separation

The children who can not yet respond to the first two strategies may be given "alone time," a variation on the "time out" component of behavior modification. The child is left in the classroom during this time but is separated from the group for one minute for every year of his or her age. If this is not effective, the child is removed from the play space and brought to a private place (the Director's office) where he or she can collect him or herself and save face. A staff member will remain with the child until he or she has regained control, offer comfort if needed and help the child make a fresh start.

Behavior problems of a severe nature or which persist over a period of time will be brought to the attention of the parents for their input into a solution.

Punishment, defined as negative behavior controls, will have no place in Over the Rainbow practice or policy. No corporal punishment, including spanking, shall be used. No child shall be subjected to cruel or severe punishment, humiliation, verbal abuse or isolation. No child shall be confined to a swing, high chair, crib, playpen or any other piece of equipment in lieu of supervision. No child shall be punished for for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet. Additionally, ho child shall be deprived of meals or snacks or force-fed.

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