Enrichment Programs

At Over the Rainbow we offer many fun enrichment programs!

An exciting fitness program designed to bring the wonderful world of fitness and children together. We believe that children start preparing for the future now. Totercize activities are designed to exercise the body and mind while enhancing the child's self-esteem. During a class, we bring in lots of props and equipment. We use balls, trampolines, tunnels, parachutes, scooters, ribbons, wands and much more. Every month we change the music and activities for each class.

Yoga fun with Sandra Dennis
YogaFun offers students life-long skills! Sandra comes to our school with child-sized yoga mats for your aspiring “yogi’s” and “yogini’s”, along with puppets, ‘breathing buddies’ and other props to help make the yoga experience a fun one!

Hola La
Hola La is a fun Spanish program for children ages 1-8+. Through a carefully crafted curriculum involving music, puppets, games, stories and adventures, Hola La strives to create an excitement in children around learning Spanish, which can so easily be reinforced in today's world.

Nancy Kelley Dance Studio

Hugh Hanley
Hugh Hanley has been singing with young children for over twenty-five years in his work as an early childhood educator, music specialist and entertainer. His work has helped him gain an understanding of young children as developing music makers and a familiarity with the environments in which they play and learn. He draws from a wide and varied repertoire of songs, fingerplays, and music activities that are appropriate, accessible, and highly engaging. Hugh has learned all of the material he uses in his work from folk traditions, children, and their teachers and parents.

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