Peanut Free Policy

Effective September 2003

Dear Over the Rainbow Nursery School Parents,

We presently have children at our center with SEVERE ALLERGIES to peanut butter. Allergies to peanut butter require special consideration not only because of the severity of reaction it causes, but because of the extreme difficulty in controlling exposure to peanut oil. Traces of its sticky, oily consistency can be left undetected in the classroom. The nature of the peanut allergies is such that many affected people, even a trace of oil on the skin, or the slight scent of peanuts can cause a very severe reaction. The health and safety of all our children is always of prime importance to us.

We have given much consideration as to how to best ensure the safety of everyone in this regard. After researching the nature of the allergy with our health care consultant, and how other schools handle the situation, we have decided that, effective September 1, 2003, we are eliminating peanut butter from our menu. In addition, we ask that you no longer send foods in containing peanut butter in to school with your child.

We are very aware that peanut butter is a staple in many children’s diets. This may be a very difficult adjustment for some of you. We truly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for joining us in our continuous effort to keep Over the Rainbow Nursery School a safe environment for all children.

Sincerely, Brenda Leigh DeMarco

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