Dear Brenda and Staff,
We would like to extend our appreciation for the fine care and education Paul and Ben received during their years at Over the Rainbow. Paul was part of the first infant class in 2003 and Ben was close behind, joining the program in 2004.
Both Paul and Ben made great friends at OTR and we both made lasting friendships with OTR parents. The experience was fantastic!
Making the decision to move on from Over the Rainbow was a difficult one, but our needs changed this year and Paul and Ben will be taking the school bus from home. We hope to make a visit in the coming weeks to say goodbye to the teachers.
Thank you so much for the care, education and flexibility you provided to our family along the way. We leave with fond memories of the school and we wish you all the continued success in the future.

Mary and Rick Connaughton

Dear Over the Rainbow Staff,
It is hard to believe that it has been five years since we started with Over the Rainbow when Terry joined Miss Patricia’s class. We wanted to say thank you to everyone at Over the Rainbow for all the care and attention that you have given Terry and Julie.
Terry and Julie have been so lucky to have so many great teachers over the years – each one has offered something special – new ideas, encouragement, ways to have fun, and a comfortable, safe environment. You are a great team, so kind, caring and good at what you do.
Over the Rainbow has been a wonderful starting point for them – big enough to help them get ready for school and get used to being a part of a larger world, but small enough that the teachers and children all know each other.
We have also appreciate your help in answering questions, your flexibility in accommodating extra hours, and your ongoing commitment to making an already good program even better over the years.
We are sad to leave Over the Rainbow behind – but happy to have had the chance to be part of the Over the Rainbow family. We wish there could be an Over the Rainbow to carry them through the school age years.
Thank you for everything.

Ken and Mary Carson

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