To: Parents and teachers at Over the Rainbow,
During our search for a day care center, we were looking for a place that would be a fun place for our daughter, Anna Mattapallil. We also wanted an environment that would nurture and stimulate Anna’s growth and development. Anna attended Over the Rainbow from Feb. 2001, when she was a little over 2 years old, until May 2004.
The teachers at Over the Rainbow have been wonderful. They provided a fun and loving environment which facilitated the transition from home to day care. During the 3 years, Anna never returned home unhappy and Over the Rainbow truly became a second home fro Anna. Also, we never had to worry about Anna’s well being, both physical and emotional.
We thank the teachers at Over the Rainbow for the love and care they provide Anna. Anna will have fond memories of OTR and we wish you well in the years ahead.
Sincerely, Thomas Mattapallil and Annie George

Dear Prospective Parent! What can I tell you about over the Rainbow? Words like Fun, Learning, Sharing, Caring, Excitement, Variety, Achievement, Encouragement and Friendship come to mind. My son, Noah, joined Over the Rainbow in September, 2002, as a wrap-around student. He attended a half-day Kindergarten program at the Hemmingway School in Framingham.
During this time at Over the Rainbow Noah has had wonderful learning and sharing experiences! He has made close friends, learned about subjects that paralleled his public school classroom instruction and had a perfectly splendid time. All the instructors are caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals who truly love their profession. It is obvious in their work and their attitude.
The Center is clean, well-organized and easy to navigate. Drop-offs are made easy by having a parking lot on the premises that is well-maintained. Classrooms are bright and cheerful, and have plenty of toys and learning tools available for the children. Extras like Pizza Day, Dance and Karate classes offer opportunities for children to add further excitement to their day at Over the Rainbow.
Special projects included the creation and observation of an ant farm, watching caterpillars emerge as butterflies, and most exiting of all, watching duck eggs hatch into ducklings. Each week brought new and enriching experiences for my son, which he enjoyed wholeheartedly.
Over the Rainbow is a true gem- every drop-off has my son giving me a quick and eager ‘good-bye Mom’ so that he can join his friends fro their new adventures. The focus and attention the teachers give to the children is truly special and I believe any child at Over the Rainbow would benefit from such loving care.
Please feel free to call me at my home (508) 788-9225 should you have any questions. I work Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. through 3 p.m., and can be reached evening up til 8 p.m. and of course, weekends. I would be happy to discuss Over the Rainbow with you.
Sincerely, Alicia Solomont

Over the Rainbow • 115 Edgebrook Road 01701 • Framingham, MA 01701 • 508- 877-9237

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